High Country Elementary Does Author Visits Right

I cannot say enough positive things about High Country Elementary and their staff and students. I had the pleasure of speaking with the third, fourth, and fifth graders on November 10. High Country’s librarian, Bev Wiley, went over and beyond the call of duty in setting up handy equipment that apparently has come into use since I left the classroom. Ah, the joys of technology! She even brought me in lunch and invited me to the sacred teacher’s lounge! How special did I feel!

The teachers were wonderful. (My apologies to the specials teachers who had to sit through the “Thanksgiving Thumb Quiz” all three times.) The students had such amazing audience manners. I enjoyed so much their attentiveness and enthusiasm. It was a special treat to be able to visit with the students who were kind enough to purchase a book as I signed it for them.   I get my energy from kids like these!

For all these reasons, High Country Elementary is high on my list. I must admit to being a little prejudiced, however. I am especially fond of the little blond fourth grade boy with big green eyes and long eyelashes. He was the one blushing when the other students pointed to him, noting our relationship. He is the one who always has one of my bookmarks or business cards in his grubby little pocket. I hope I made you proud, Rylan.

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