Thank you Bethesda Christian School

I would like to thank the students and staff of Bethesda Christian School for their kindess and graciousness during my recent presentation at their campus. I am not easily impressed, but this school really knocked my socks off. From the time I walked in the building and was offered a bottled water until I was packing my materials away in my trunk with the help of two courteous fifth grade boys, I felt more like royalty than a lowly local children’s author. I have a sneaking suspicion that all visitors at BCS receive the royal treatment.

It seemed second nature for the children to show such respect with not just their words, but with their actions. During my HOUR LONG presentation with kids as young as third grade, I kept an eye out for the inevitable redirections necessary to regain wandering young minds. I had my toolbox of teacher methods ready. Not once did I need to use a single one! The closest I came was getting to compliment my audience on their attentiveness and manners. Even when I sprinkled my speech with a bit of silly audience participation, they hung on my every word.

At the conclusion of the presentation, I had the pleasure of talking one on one to a line of amazing kids while I signed their books. No pushing, no typical off task chit chat with their neighbors, no impatience in line at all. I lost track of time a bit talking with these little people. Each one thanked me. Did I mention no teachers or other adults of any kind were supervising?

As if this were all not heartwarming enough, a high school student witnessed the little girl in front of her dig helplessly for the last dollar she needed to buy a book. The older girl paused from asking me questions (I later learned she worked for the school newspaper) to retrieve a dollar of her own for the younger girl and thank me for my time.

Whatever BCS parents and teachers are doing, they are doing it right. Kudos!

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