Thankful Heart

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I truly have a thankful heart. I am so blessed by wonderful family and friends who have been supportive of me and my books. The most amazing part is they probably don’t even realize how much their kind words and deeds have meant to me. I am a hopeless list maker, mostly of tasks I need to complete. Here is a much more enjoyable list to compose:

Things Big and Small I am Thankful For as an Author

1. A friend who will run to the dollar store on the way to one of my book events and buy the perfect red and blue plastic table cloths because I remembered to bring everything EXCEPT something to cover my naked exhibit table (and then spend a whole Saturday afternoon keeping me company at said event made quite slow by the rain.) The check is in the mail to pay you back, Sweet Friend!

2. A Friend who will talk me up to anyone and everyone, and even make me look presentable in front of a TV camera. She is my one woman cheer squad!

3. My dear friend who walks and talks or texts with me, listening to my anxieties and dreams alike, prays for me and believes in me no matter what.

4. A friend who comes to a snowy day booksigning to encourage me and takes pictures!

5. Friends who plan for me to visit their schools and then show their shining faces in the crowd of kids.

6. My boys who help me stay positive no matter what. My five year old announces , “My mom’s an author!” to anyone who will listen.

And to all the other friends who support me in ways big and small in word or deed, over coffee, a text message, or Facebook, I am truly grateful.  This is one list I am happy to keeping adding onto!

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